Collage and Mixed Media

Looking Back

“Looking Back” by Jennifer Rays                    Collage and drawing on paper                                    56 x 76cm                                                                  $610

"The Floating World" by Lynn Oakey

“The Floating World” by Lynn Oakey                          Acrylic & Japanese paper on canvas                             76 x 76cm                                                                           $650

"Viewpoint #3" by Robyn Kinsela

“Viewpoint #3” by Robyn Kinsela                               Sand, reeds and acrylic on board                                33 x 33 cm                                                                        $400

A new exhibition at Artroomers Artspace has been installed.  This exhibition will be on show until February 28, 2013. Local Southern Highlands artists, Lynn Oakey, Robyn Kinsela and Jennifer Rays are all practicing artists whose work displays various techniques employed to create fine art pictures.

Lynn Oakey, Robyn Kinsela and Jennifer Rays