Last week to see the works by Men

Men on Show finishes on Saturday August 3 at 12.30.

While the majority of artists in this show are oil painters or photographers (see last 2 blogs) there is a strong representation of printmaking, sculpture and mixed media. Even though it is only 4 artists, their highly successful and interesting works are of particular interest.

Tony Ameneiro has exhibited an older work (1998) which has a whimsical reference to art history in general, and to his own studio practice in particular. His nod to the Salon exhibitions so popular in the late 19th century, is a fitting work for this show, where many varieties of art have come together to present as one unified exhibition. Tony’s etching shows his skill of drawing and of printmaking where he has made use of hard ground zinc plate etching (for the line work) and aquatint (for the tonal work). A successful and highly regarded printmaker and etching teacher, Tony currently has an exhibition at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery, until August 11. He has won numerous national awards and his work is included in the National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery NSW and Queensland Art Gallery collections.

ameneiro_Pole to Post_etching_30cm x 44cm_$650framed

Another form of printmaking on show is demonstrated in the linocut prints of Peter Ward. These works are intricate examples of prints where each colour has its own block, unlike, for example Margaret Preston’s coloured prints where the block print is made and then the colours are applied by painting. Peter has cleverly made one print (made up of many colours or blocks), and then created a second one by overlaying images in order to present a small narrative series.

Ward_Yin Yang Bella Vista_linocut_60x30cm_$525(framed)

Ward_Yin Yang Bella Vista Man_linocut_60x30cm_$525(framed)

A third printmaker has applied his print onto an entirely different format – 3 dimensional surfaces. The experimental work of Alan Purdom is seen in his sculptural forms that stand proudly as a “sculpture in the round”.

Alan Purdom_Posts_timber brass paper_variable sizes_6 pieces_$580

Finally, we have one mixed media artist in the show. Mick Pfahl has created a series of small works on paper, two of which are on display. Their layers of colour and textures, and abstract forms, transport us to places of peace and intrigue.

Mick Pfahl Mick Pfahl_SubmergedYou can view any of these works in full, along with their details, including prices, by selecting the Men on Show blog on the right hand side of this page. Better still come along to see the real thing at Artroomers Artspace.


More about the Men’s Show ……. and more.

Photography continues to challenge the existence, even relevance, of painting, leading to monotonous cries of doom about the longevity of painting as a contemporary art form. 1839 saw the production of the first photograph and it was not long after that that it was declared “painting is dead”. 170 years on, the same cry that painting is dead crops up every now and then and is mostly ignored as history has proven otherwise.

Six photographers have work showing in the Men on Show exhibition at Artroomers Artspace, and they have proven that photography is not at all threatened by painting (just as painting is not threatened by photography). In fact, photographers, like painters, also continue to reinvent ways of seeing the world by embracing traditional, contemporary and experimental approaches in both techniques and subject matter.

John Lascelles, Chris Donaldson and Tony Sheffield are highly professional “wet darkroom” photographers who use film and chemicals to develop their images.

Lascelles_Gunning Tree Series I_Silver gelatin print_47x58cm_$650 framed IMG_5040

Tony Sheffield and Chris Donaldson also make use of current digital developments which include using a digital SLR camera or scanning their negatives and printing their images digitally (“dry darkroom” technology making use of computer programmes such as Lightroom, Photoshop etc).



They achieve a crispness to their images, as does Steve Evans, who uses digital photographic technology exclusively, utilising Photoshop’s powerful workspace and applications to adapt his photos to his desired limits.

Steve Evans

Steve Evans’ colour photograph shows this same crispness, keeping just within the boundaries of the subtlety of the colours of our world

EvansS_Day at the Trotts_Digital Photo

whereas Mark Davis experiments with infrared photography creating a world of otherness with weird light.

Davis_Kooralbyn Billabong_Infrared Photography_48 x 56 cm framed_350

Andy Toohey, who has only been working in digital for the last year or so after working as a darkroom photographer for the past 15 years has given us an insight into a personal space by introducing some intrigue and mystery through his subtle, rather than obvious, use of digital technology, achieving a sensitive, soft image.

Toohey_Imbue Abstract 1_20x30cm_$180

To view these works in full, go to the blog Men on Show, posted 2 weeks ago.

Did you know…..?

Oil paint was first used on paintings in Europe by the Flemish painters, Jan and Hubert Van Eyck, during the early 15th century. The result was a glowing translucent finish to the paintings replacing the flatness of the previously used egg tempera. Jan Van Eyck introduced the techniques of glazing (layers of transparent colour) to enhance the brilliance of his painted surfaces. These early paintings were on wood panels, canvas being introduced late in the 15th century in Venice. Well fancy that!

Of the 23 blokes in the current Men on Show exhibition at Artroomers Artspace, 12 are oil painters where the different styles of painting make for a very informative exhibition. Justin Pearson uses heavy impasto techniques bringing a textural dimension to his work where you can sense the physical activity involved in making the painting whereas the calmer, even careful, application of paint by Phil Turton and Anthony Rofe are appropriate for their quiet, gentle still life subjects.

Justin Pearson_A Goat Drawn Chariot_2013_oil on board_$2300 Phil Turton_Crabapple_oi on canvas_35x45cm_$360 011

A more painterly application of paint by Phil Alldis, Bruce Woods, Tony Hull and Phil Russell contribute to the atmospheric moods of their respective paintings. Phil Alldis and Bruce Woods use low tones (darker palette) to suggest some mystery,

alldis_entrance_oil on board_39x39cm_2012 Bruce Woods_The Immanent Sea #1_oil on canvas-40x30cm-The Imminent Sea #1-$350

while Phil Russell and Tony Hull bathe their paintings in sunshine and higher tones and therefore more colour

Phil Russell+Tangled Trees (triptych)_oil on canvas_30x91cm_$900 TonyHull_Looking_North_from_Wombarra_oils_25x51cm_$450

as do Frank Hooke and Ron Stannard.

Frank Hooke_The Neighbours_0il on canvas_38x38cm_$350 Ron Stannard_The Back Street of Berrima_oil on canvas board_31x44cm_$600

Scraffitto is a technique used by many artists including ceramicists, where the surface is scratched into in order to expose another level of paint or colour. Scott Watson and Harry Pidgeon have “scraffittoed” parts of their painting surfaces in order to acquire a textured surface compatible with their subject matter.

Harry Pidgeon_Boundary_acrylic on canvas_45x45cm Watson_Thinking Of Guitar_Oil On Hardboard_61 x 45 cm_600

Scott Watson cuts through his paint and into the board itself thus adding weight to his abstracted Australian bush while Harry Pidgeon exposes the colour under the surface paint in order to describe more about the ordered land and its taming by mankind. Ian Hunter approaches his fanciful myth-like subjects with the attention needed to describe his subjects’ environments. He uses the simple painting techniques so often used by political mural painters such as the Mexican Muralists of the early 20th century in order to convey his narrative or message.

50x40  oil on canvas  susanah and the voyeursModern oil paints include alkyd (fast drying), water soluble (supposed to be less toxic) and oil sticks (essentially oil paint in a solid block or stick which is protected by a dry skin that needs to be removed before using the stick).

Ian Jones’ contemporary approach in his paintings are experimental in their abstract subject and in the use of oil sticks.

IanJones_Space Trap III_oilstickonlinenboard_40_6x50_8_jpg

Traditional oil paint is still most popular and is merely pigment suspended in a drying oil such as linseed. Used straight, this is a perfectly safe paint. It is when solvents, ANY solvents, including “non toxic” or “odourless” ones are used that the paint becomes a sensitiser – ie toxic – and should be used with great caution. Even cleaning brushes is better done using raw linseed oil (cheap and purchased at the hardware shop) rather than turps, followed by warm soapy water.

Artroomers stocks all types of oil paint, and mediums. Brands include Winsor and Newton, Art Spectrum, WN Artisan (water soluble), Chroma Archival (alkyd) and Sennelier Oil sticks

Phone 48713565 for any enquiries.

Exhibition and workshop news

An exhibition of new work by Ann Rogan opens at the Light Horse Gallery in Robertson on Friday 19 July continuing to 4 August.  An exciting opening is promised on Saturday 20 August from 2pm – 4pm, with live music by Lachlan Tumeth and Phil Beazley.

Ann Rogan Viewpoint_Flyer_Page_1 Ann Rogan Viewpoint_Flyer_Page_2Kim Shannon has her work currently on show at the Red Tree Café in Station Street Bowral. All work is for sale.

Kim Shannon

Robyn Kinsela has work on the walls of the Primary Espresso Bowral café in Boolwey Street.

Shop front sign designed by Robyn

Shop front sign designed by Robyn

"Coastal Chorus" Pigment Print on Satin Photo paper 50x41cm

“Coastal Chorus” Pigment Print on Satin Photo paper 50x41cm              $480 F   $380 UF

"Walking with Thomas and Matisse" 2011 Acrylic on canvas 122x152cm $3800

“Walking with Thomas and Matisse” 2011             Acrylic on canvas 122x152cm            $3800

"Mundi Mundi to Menindee II" and "West of Wilcannia with Fred and Agnes II" Acrylic and oil on canvas  80x50cm $950 each

“Mundi Mundi to Menindee II” and “West of Wilcannia with Fred and Agnes II”                  Acrylic and oil on canvas 76.5x51cm                     $950 each

Tony Ameneiro’s work is currently showing at Maitland Regional Art Gallery until 11 August

“Flowering Heads”  Tony Ameneiro    

Tony is also running an etching workshop organised by Liz Jeneid at her beautiful and spacious studio in Mt Kembla. July 20-21  2013

Learn alternative methods for etching and printing colour etchings, with an emphasis on safer ‘low-toxicity’ methods. Investigate a low cost materials for use in multi plate colour printing using combinations of aluminium and plastic printing plates. Each student in the workshop will be given the opportunity to print a small edition or set of prints.
For details or to secure a place email Liz Jeneid –
Tony Ameneiro "Grey Red Lily Head"

Tony Ameneiro “Grey Red Lily Head”

John Lascelles’ photographic exhibition, “Roads I have Ridden” continues until 1 September at Wollongong City Gallery.
"Mt Gibraltar" 2012 Silver gelatin print

“Mt Gibraltar” 2012                                               silver gelatin print

Men on Show

July Men's POSTER lr

Men on show adj

Some views of the exhibition:Alldis Rofe Davis Jones Pfahl Ameneiro Russell Evans Lascelles Donaldson Purdom Rofe Woods  Watson Alldis Rofe Toohey Donaldson Hunter Pidgeon Evans Lascelles

From Tuesday July 2 until Saturday August 3, an exhibition of works by 23 MEN will be on show at Artroomers Artspace. These blokes are local to the Southern Highlands, the exceptions being north coast artists Scott Watson and Mark Davis. The artists range from award winning professionals and art teachers to hobbyists and students and the media used include watercolour, acrylic, oil, photography, etching, linocut and sculpture.

All works are for sale at very reasonable prices.

Email for more information about any of the artworks or the artists. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 9-5 & Sat 9.30-12.30.

Tony Sheffield "Austin Healey" digital capture on cotton rag 26.5x40cm $350 framed

Tony Sheffield “Austin Healey”                         digital capture on cotton rag 26.5x40cm              $350 framed

Tony Ameneiro "Pole to Post" Etching 30x44cm $650 framed

Tony Ameneiro “Pole to Post”                             etching 30x44cm                                                           $650 framed

Ron Stannard "The Back Street of Berrima" oil on canvas 31x44cm 600 framed

Ron Stannard “The Back Street of Berrima”          oil on canvas 31x44cm                                                $600 framed

Phil Russell "Tangled Trees" (triptych) oil on canvas 30x91cm $900

Phil Russell “Tangled Trees” (triptych)                   oil on canvas 30x91cm                                                  $900

John Lascelles "Gunning Tree Series I" Silver gelatin print 47x58cm $650 framed

John Lascelles “Gunning Tree Series I”                silver gelatin print 47x58cm                                  $650 framed

Mark Davis "Bales for Sale" infrared photography 48x56cm $350 framed

Mark Davis “Bales for Sale”                                 infrared photography 48x56cm                              $350 framed

Mark Davis "Kooralbyn Billabong" infrared photography 48x56cm $350 framed

Mark Davis “Kooralbyn Billabong”                        infrared photography 48x56cm                           $350 framed

Peter Ward "Yin Yang Bella Vista Man" linocut 60x30cm $525 framed

Peter Ward “Yin Yang Bella Vista Man” linocut 60x30cm    $525 framed

Peter Ward "Yin Yang Bella Vista" linocut 60x30cm $525 framed

Peter Ward “Yin Yang Bella Vista”             linocut 60x30cm            $525 framed

Ian Hunter "Epiphany" oil on canvas 40x50cm $300

Ian Hunter “Epiphany”                                               oil on canvas 40x50cm                                                  $300

Ian Hunter "Susanah in Antipodes" oil on canvas 40x50cm $300

Ian Hunter “Susanah in Antipodes”                        oil on canvas 40x50cm                                                $300

Phil Aldis "Entrance" oil on board 39x39cm $750

Phil Alldis “Entrance”                                                 oil on board 39x39cm                                            $750

Tony Hull "Head Study" oil 51x38cm $390

Tony Hull “Head Study”                   oil 51x38cm                                  $390

Tony Hull "Looking North from Wombarra" oil 25x51cm $450

Tony Hull “Looking North from Wombarra”         oil 25x51cm                                                               $450 framed

Anthony Rofe "Still Life with Orange" oil on canvas 51x55cm $580

Anthony Rofe “Still Life with Orange” oil on canvas 51x55cm                    $580

Anthony Rofe "Still Life with Cherries" oil on canvas 51x45cm $560

Anthony Rofe “Still Life with Cherries” oil on canvas 51x45cm $560

Frank Hooke "The Neighbours" oil on canvas 38x38cm $350

Frank Hooke “The Neighbours”                               oil on canvas 38x38cm                                          $350 framed

Chris Donaldson "Goldoni Staircase" silver gelatin fibre based print 60x54cm $475 framed

Chris Donaldson “Goldoni Staircase”     silver gelatin fibre based print 60x54cm                                                          $475 framed

Chris Donaldson "Window to East Berlin" digital archival print 56x45cm $375 framed

Chris Donaldson “Window to East Berlin”      digital archival print on Fuji Crystal paper 56x45cm                                                        $375 framed

Ian Jones "Untitled I" oilstick on linen board 28x36cm $750

Ian Jones “Untitled I”                                           oilstick on linen board 28x36cm                            $750

Ian Jones "Untitled IV" oilstick on linen board 30x36cm $750

Ian Jones “Untitled IV”                                         oilstick on linen board 30x36cm                                 $750

Ian Jones "Space Trip III" oilstick on linen board 41x51 $950

Ian Jones “Space Trip III”                                  oilstick on linen board 41×51                                $950

Steve Evans "Bull Rider" digital photograph 32 x 39cm $390

Steve Evans “Bull Rider”                                              digital photograph 32 x 39cm                                   $390 framed

Steve Evans "Day at the Trotts" digital photograph

Steve Evans “Flying Finish”                                 digital photograph 30x66cm                                    $450 framed

Scott Watson "Composition in Red" oil on hardboard 16x16cm $250

Scott Watson “Composition in Red”                  oil on hardboard 16x16cm                                     $250 framed

Scott Watson "Thinking of Guitar" oil on Hardboard 61x45cm $600

Scott Watson “Thinking of Guitar”   oil on Hardboard 61x45cm          $600

Mick Pfahl "Submerged"

Mick Pfahl “Submerged”           mixed media on paper 19x14cm $280 framed

Mick Pfahl

Mick Pfahl ” ‘scape”                                                    Mixed media on paper 14x19cm             $280framed

Andy Toohey "Imbue Abstract I" 2013 Digital photograph 20x30cm $180 framed

Andy Toohey “Imbue Abstract I” 2013 Digital photograph 20x30cm                                 $180 framed

Andy Toohey "Imbue Abstract II" 2013 Digital photograph 20x30cm $180 framed

Andy Toohey “Imbue Abstract II” 2013 Digital photograph 20x30cm                                   $180 framed

Harry Pidgeon "Moon Up" (detail)watercolour on Arches_38x51cm $1750

Harry Pidgeon “Moon Up” (detail)                            watercolour on Arches 38x51cm                        $1750 framed

Harry Pidgeon "Boundary" acrylic on canvas 45x45cm $1400

Harry Pidgeon “Boundary”                                   acrylic on canvas 45x45cm                                 $1400 framed

Justin Pearson oil on canvas

Justin Pearson “A Goat Drawn Chariot” 2013                                      oil on board c55x45cm                    $2300

Justin Pearson "The Wild Girls" oil on canvas 76x101cm

Justin Pearson “The Wild Girls’ Special Can-Can Performance in the Highlands”  2012                     oil on canvas 76x101cm                                                                  $3500 framed

Bruce Woods "The Immanent Sea" oil on canvas 40x30cm $350

Bruce Woods “The Immanent Sea” oil on canvas 40x30cm               $350 framed

Alan Purdom "Posts" timber, brass, paper size variable 6 pieces $580

Alan Purdom “Posts”                                              timber, brass, paper, sizes variable: 6 pieces              $580

Phil Turton "Crabapple" oil on canvas 35x45cm $360

Phil Turton “Crabapple”                                             oil on canvas 35x45cm                                                $360