Last week to see the works by Men

Men on Show finishes on Saturday August 3 at 12.30.

While the majority of artists in this show are oil painters or photographers (see last 2 blogs) there is a strong representation of printmaking, sculpture and mixed media. Even though it is only 4 artists, their highly successful and interesting works are of particular interest.

Tony Ameneiro has exhibited an older work (1998) which has a whimsical reference to art history in general, and to his own studio practice in particular. His nod to the Salon exhibitions so popular in the late 19th century, is a fitting work for this show, where many varieties of art have come together to present as one unified exhibition. Tony’s etching shows his skill of drawing and of printmaking where he has made use of hard ground zinc plate etching (for the line work) and aquatint (for the tonal work). A successful and highly regarded printmaker and etching teacher, Tony currently has an exhibition at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery, until August 11. He has won numerous national awards and his work is included in the National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery NSW and Queensland Art Gallery collections.

ameneiro_Pole to Post_etching_30cm x 44cm_$650framed

Another form of printmaking on show is demonstrated in the linocut prints of Peter Ward. These works are intricate examples of prints where each colour has its own block, unlike, for example Margaret Preston’s coloured prints where the block print is made and then the colours are applied by painting. Peter has cleverly made one print (made up of many colours or blocks), and then created a second one by overlaying images in order to present a small narrative series.

Ward_Yin Yang Bella Vista_linocut_60x30cm_$525(framed)

Ward_Yin Yang Bella Vista Man_linocut_60x30cm_$525(framed)

A third printmaker has applied his print onto an entirely different format – 3 dimensional surfaces. The experimental work of Alan Purdom is seen in his sculptural forms that stand proudly as a “sculpture in the round”.

Alan Purdom_Posts_timber brass paper_variable sizes_6 pieces_$580

Finally, we have one mixed media artist in the show. Mick Pfahl has created a series of small works on paper, two of which are on display. Their layers of colour and textures, and abstract forms, transport us to places of peace and intrigue.

Mick Pfahl Mick Pfahl_SubmergedYou can view any of these works in full, along with their details, including prices, by selecting the Men on Show blog on the right hand side of this page. Better still come along to see the real thing at Artroomers Artspace.


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