Antarctica – historical and contemporary glimpses

large posters perhaps476 adj 70x120cm

An exhibition of photographs, memorabilia, writings and posters is now showing at Artroomers Artspace in Mittagong until Saturday 31 August. (Hours Mon-Fri 9 – 5 and Sat 9.30 – 12.30 or by appt)

Come along and witness the beautiful Antarctic as experienced through the eyes of photographer Val Jessop, who has put together this show as a result of her passion for all things to do with Antarctica. Val has made many trips to the various regions of the Antarctic since 1997 and is now one of the Antarctica’s many valued ambassadors.

All images are for sale. These 2 large “Antarctica” images are printed on Canvas. Stretched to measure 81x120cm, the horizontal one (above) costs $340 and the vertical one (below) measures150 x 90cm and costs $410.

large print flattened with borderThis unique exhibition of photographs, posters and memorabilia includes a scale model of the “James Caird” in which Shackleton sailed from Elephant Island to South Georgia to get help after the ship “Endurance” sank in the Weddell Sea.

exhibition view 1

large posters perhaps479 adj RHS large posters perhaps479 adj LHSexhibition view 2

You can view all the works here on this Artroomers wordpress blogsite. All PHOTOGRAPHS and PRINTS on paper and canvas are for sale, framed or unframed, and can be ordered and posted to you for your convenience. Postage is extra and stocks are limited. Enquiries (02)4871 3565 or

Post cards are $10 for a pack of 8 (+ plus postage). Minimum order of $20.

8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_16 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_15 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_14 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_13 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_12 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_11 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_10 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_03 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_04 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_05 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_06 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_07 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_08 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_09 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_02 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_01

The following posters, printed on 180gsm Matte Presentation paper measuring 44.6 x 32.4cm,cost $35 each or $140 for the set of five, plus postage.

The following photographs are available and, printed on A4 Canson 270gsm Satin Photo paper, are $90 framed, or $80 each for 2 or more, plus postage. Photos unframed, but mounted with matboard and backing board, $40 each or $30 each for 2 or more, plus postage. Stocks are limited.


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