25% off Matisse Dry Mediums, Fredrix stretched canvases, Derwent Artbars and Art Spectrum artists’ concentrated colour inks.

Dry Mediums can be anything that add texture to your oil or acrylic paints. Matisse have a range of such mediums and, during October, Artroomers are selling them for 25% off their retail price. Normally $4.20 (most) and $7 (eg glass beads and ferrous powder), they are now $3.15 and $5.25.

Simply add them to your paint or apply them to your painting ground using paint, impasto gel or binder as your adhesive and then either paint over them, or leave them as an integral part of the painting surface. Hint: don’t use you best brushes – use old brushes or painting or palette knives to apply most mixed mediums. Check out Elwyn Lynn or Antonio Tapies or Miguel Barceló or Kate Briscoe for inspiration!

mediumsmediums samplesFredrix canvases that are for sale with 25% discount, are side stapled onto 19mm deep stretchers, and are very high quality canvases with straight stretcher bars (unlike many low grade ready-made canvases).

stapled edge

The staples on the sides require the canvas to be framed for best presentation and with so many excellent frames around now that don’t have a rebate (the part that covers the front edge of your work) your work actually looks even more brilliant.

framed framed 2

Derwent Artbars, discounted by 25% to cost $2.10 each, are a water-soluble waxy pastel that come in a wide range of colours. They can be bought separately or in boxes of 12 to 72. These triangular bars are of solid highly pigmented colour and can be used either dry or wet.

artbars25% also comes off the price of 50ml bottles of liquid Art Spectrum Concentrated Artists’ Inks. Water-based, they are waterproof when dry and are suitable for brush, pen and airbrush. Colours: $9.80 now $7.35 per bottle.

AS inkAS


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