An interesting exhibition at Artroomers Artspace finishes in one week!

Basso Continuo is the title of the latest exhibition at Artroomers Artspace. This exhibition will continue until the end of February during business hours.

Basso Continuo proudly showcases 3 Double Basses handmade by Lachlan Tumeth.

Also on display are some magnificent miniscule specialist hand planes used in the instrument making process that Lachlan practises.

Large posters comprising a montage of photographs show the various procedures, precision and attention to details required to produce these exquisite instruments.  These photographs document the handmade techniques as used in the Italian system of construction and give us a behind-the-scenes look into the life and working environment of a fine stringed instrument maker (luthier).

The following photo shows the difference in scale between the bridge of a double bass and that of a violin!

20140125_114939 adj