October’s exhibition celebrates the 25th Anniversary for Artroomers


This gallery contains 82 photos.

artroomers was established in Mittagong in 1988 by Stuart and Robyn Kinsela after they secured several large art commissions that were going to need specific framing and ongoing access to art materials. Since 2001, Stuart has made picture framing his fulltime occupation and … Continue reading

until September 28….WOOD and things to do with wood, the love of wood or inspired by wood….


Between the years 2001 and 2006, Robyn Kinsela was granted a block of time each year as artist-in-residence in the then named Wood Workshop at ANU (Australian National University) in Canberra.


Working with, and encouraged by educational visionary and Head of School, Dr Rodney Hayward, Robyn facilitated various approaches to the idea of design and drawing as extensions in the processes of thinking and problem solving. Through drawing and photography, new ways of seeing and of thinking “outside the square”, were established.

Robyn documented much student work during these years, offering creative presentation solutions.

Dave 01

Alison table 01 Dave stool detail02 Henry chair 01

An exhibition of drawings, paintings, prints and photographs created by Robyn during, and since, this period are on display at Artroomers Artspace, many for the first time since her own exhibition, Through the Door,  held in 2006 at the Foyer Gallery, SofA, ANU.

exhibition view 4 exhibition view 5 exhibition view 9

Infinity II printed Kinsela_Robyn_Outside_In_2007_graphite_94x122 Rusty tools series Bitless Brace Rusty tools series Ruler Rusty tools series Square

Included in this show is a spindle backed chair made by fellow artist-in-residence, Howard Archbold.

exhibition view 6

Howard would take the first year students each year for 3 weeks, in which time they would entirely from scratch, so to speak, make an unique chair without using any electric tools.

HA chair finale

It was always amazing to see the looks on the students’ faces when they were initially presented with the felled tree from which they would start building.

DSC_0120 DSC_0058

Howard proved to be a popular and enthusiastic tutor who is also a regular tutor at the Sturt Summer School in Mittagong.

A beautiful laminated sculptural form created by Honours student Raquel Gabiola is on display

exhibition view 9 detail

as is an electromicron image of Australian Red Cedar, taken by the late, highly regarded electro microscopist, Dr Roger Heady

exhibition view 1 detail

More images will be posted next week.

Antarctica – historical and contemporary glimpses

large posters perhaps476 adj 70x120cm

An exhibition of photographs, memorabilia, writings and posters is now showing at Artroomers Artspace in Mittagong until Saturday 31 August. (Hours Mon-Fri 9 – 5 and Sat 9.30 – 12.30 or by appt)

Come along and witness the beautiful Antarctic as experienced through the eyes of photographer Val Jessop, who has put together this show as a result of her passion for all things to do with Antarctica. Val has made many trips to the various regions of the Antarctic since 1997 and is now one of the Antarctica’s many valued ambassadors.

All images are for sale. These 2 large “Antarctica” images are printed on Canvas. Stretched to measure 81x120cm, the horizontal one (above) costs $340 and the vertical one (below) measures150 x 90cm and costs $410.

large print flattened with borderThis unique exhibition of photographs, posters and memorabilia includes a scale model of the “James Caird” in which Shackleton sailed from Elephant Island to South Georgia to get help after the ship “Endurance” sank in the Weddell Sea.

exhibition view 1

large posters perhaps479 adj RHS large posters perhaps479 adj LHSexhibition view 2

You can view all the works here on this Artroomers wordpress blogsite. All PHOTOGRAPHS and PRINTS on paper and canvas are for sale, framed or unframed, and can be ordered and posted to you for your convenience. Postage is extra and stocks are limited. Enquiries (02)4871 3565 or artroomers@hinet.net.au

Post cards are $10 for a pack of 8 (+ plus postage). Minimum order of $20.

8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_16 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_15 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_14 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_13 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_12 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_11 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_10 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_03 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_04 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_05 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_06 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_07 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_08 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_09 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_02 8 POSTCARDS low res_Page_01

The following posters, printed on 180gsm Matte Presentation paper measuring 44.6 x 32.4cm,cost $35 each or $140 for the set of five, plus postage.

The following photographs are available and, printed on A4 Canson 270gsm Satin Photo paper, are $90 framed, or $80 each for 2 or more, plus postage. Photos unframed, but mounted with matboard and backing board, $40 each or $30 each for 2 or more, plus postage. Stocks are limited.

Men on Show

July Men's POSTER lr

Men on show adj

Some views of the exhibition:Alldis Rofe Davis Jones Pfahl Ameneiro Russell Evans Lascelles Donaldson Purdom Rofe Woods  Watson Alldis Rofe Toohey Donaldson Hunter Pidgeon Evans Lascelles

From Tuesday July 2 until Saturday August 3, an exhibition of works by 23 MEN will be on show at Artroomers Artspace. These blokes are local to the Southern Highlands, the exceptions being north coast artists Scott Watson and Mark Davis. The artists range from award winning professionals and art teachers to hobbyists and students and the media used include watercolour, acrylic, oil, photography, etching, linocut and sculpture.

All works are for sale at very reasonable prices.

Email artroomers@hinet.net.au for more information about any of the artworks or the artists. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 9-5 & Sat 9.30-12.30.

Tony Sheffield "Austin Healey" digital capture on cotton rag 26.5x40cm $350 framed

Tony Sheffield “Austin Healey”                         digital capture on cotton rag 26.5x40cm              $350 framed

Tony Ameneiro "Pole to Post" Etching 30x44cm $650 framed

Tony Ameneiro “Pole to Post”                             etching 30x44cm                                                           $650 framed

Ron Stannard "The Back Street of Berrima" oil on canvas 31x44cm 600 framed

Ron Stannard “The Back Street of Berrima”          oil on canvas 31x44cm                                                $600 framed

Phil Russell "Tangled Trees" (triptych) oil on canvas 30x91cm $900

Phil Russell “Tangled Trees” (triptych)                   oil on canvas 30x91cm                                                  $900

John Lascelles "Gunning Tree Series I" Silver gelatin print 47x58cm $650 framed

John Lascelles “Gunning Tree Series I”                silver gelatin print 47x58cm                                  $650 framed

Mark Davis "Bales for Sale" infrared photography 48x56cm $350 framed

Mark Davis “Bales for Sale”                                 infrared photography 48x56cm                              $350 framed

Mark Davis "Kooralbyn Billabong" infrared photography 48x56cm $350 framed

Mark Davis “Kooralbyn Billabong”                        infrared photography 48x56cm                           $350 framed

Peter Ward "Yin Yang Bella Vista Man" linocut 60x30cm $525 framed

Peter Ward “Yin Yang Bella Vista Man” linocut 60x30cm    $525 framed

Peter Ward "Yin Yang Bella Vista" linocut 60x30cm $525 framed

Peter Ward “Yin Yang Bella Vista”             linocut 60x30cm            $525 framed

Ian Hunter "Epiphany" oil on canvas 40x50cm $300

Ian Hunter “Epiphany”                                               oil on canvas 40x50cm                                                  $300

Ian Hunter "Susanah in Antipodes" oil on canvas 40x50cm $300

Ian Hunter “Susanah in Antipodes”                        oil on canvas 40x50cm                                                $300

Phil Aldis "Entrance" oil on board 39x39cm $750

Phil Alldis “Entrance”                                                 oil on board 39x39cm                                            $750

Tony Hull "Head Study" oil 51x38cm $390

Tony Hull “Head Study”                   oil 51x38cm                                  $390

Tony Hull "Looking North from Wombarra" oil 25x51cm $450

Tony Hull “Looking North from Wombarra”         oil 25x51cm                                                               $450 framed

Anthony Rofe "Still Life with Orange" oil on canvas 51x55cm $580

Anthony Rofe “Still Life with Orange” oil on canvas 51x55cm                    $580

Anthony Rofe "Still Life with Cherries" oil on canvas 51x45cm $560

Anthony Rofe “Still Life with Cherries” oil on canvas 51x45cm $560

Frank Hooke "The Neighbours" oil on canvas 38x38cm $350

Frank Hooke “The Neighbours”                               oil on canvas 38x38cm                                          $350 framed

Chris Donaldson "Goldoni Staircase" silver gelatin fibre based print 60x54cm $475 framed

Chris Donaldson “Goldoni Staircase”     silver gelatin fibre based print 60x54cm                                                          $475 framed

Chris Donaldson "Window to East Berlin" digital archival print 56x45cm $375 framed

Chris Donaldson “Window to East Berlin”      digital archival print on Fuji Crystal paper 56x45cm                                                        $375 framed

Ian Jones "Untitled I" oilstick on linen board 28x36cm $750

Ian Jones “Untitled I”                                           oilstick on linen board 28x36cm                            $750

Ian Jones "Untitled IV" oilstick on linen board 30x36cm $750

Ian Jones “Untitled IV”                                         oilstick on linen board 30x36cm                                 $750

Ian Jones "Space Trip III" oilstick on linen board 41x51 $950

Ian Jones “Space Trip III”                                  oilstick on linen board 41×51                                $950

Steve Evans "Bull Rider" digital photograph 32 x 39cm $390

Steve Evans “Bull Rider”                                              digital photograph 32 x 39cm                                   $390 framed

Steve Evans "Day at the Trotts" digital photograph

Steve Evans “Flying Finish”                                 digital photograph 30x66cm                                    $450 framed

Scott Watson "Composition in Red" oil on hardboard 16x16cm $250

Scott Watson “Composition in Red”                  oil on hardboard 16x16cm                                     $250 framed

Scott Watson "Thinking of Guitar" oil on Hardboard 61x45cm $600

Scott Watson “Thinking of Guitar”   oil on Hardboard 61x45cm          $600

Mick Pfahl "Submerged"

Mick Pfahl “Submerged”           mixed media on paper 19x14cm $280 framed

Mick Pfahl

Mick Pfahl ” ‘scape”                                                    Mixed media on paper 14x19cm             $280framed

Andy Toohey "Imbue Abstract I" 2013 Digital photograph 20x30cm $180 framed

Andy Toohey “Imbue Abstract I” 2013 Digital photograph 20x30cm                                 $180 framed

Andy Toohey "Imbue Abstract II" 2013 Digital photograph 20x30cm $180 framed

Andy Toohey “Imbue Abstract II” 2013 Digital photograph 20x30cm                                   $180 framed

Harry Pidgeon "Moon Up" (detail)watercolour on Arches_38x51cm $1750

Harry Pidgeon “Moon Up” (detail)                            watercolour on Arches 38x51cm                        $1750 framed

Harry Pidgeon "Boundary" acrylic on canvas 45x45cm $1400

Harry Pidgeon “Boundary”                                   acrylic on canvas 45x45cm                                 $1400 framed

Justin Pearson oil on canvas

Justin Pearson “A Goat Drawn Chariot” 2013                                      oil on board c55x45cm                    $2300

Justin Pearson "The Wild Girls" oil on canvas 76x101cm

Justin Pearson “The Wild Girls’ Special Can-Can Performance in the Highlands”  2012                     oil on canvas 76x101cm                                                                  $3500 framed

Bruce Woods "The Immanent Sea" oil on canvas 40x30cm $350

Bruce Woods “The Immanent Sea” oil on canvas 40x30cm               $350 framed

Alan Purdom "Posts" timber, brass, paper size variable 6 pieces $580

Alan Purdom “Posts”                                              timber, brass, paper, sizes variable: 6 pieces              $580

Phil Turton "Crabapple" oil on canvas 35x45cm $360

Phil Turton “Crabapple”                                             oil on canvas 35x45cm                                                $360



New exhibition for John Lascelles at Wollongong City Gallery opens on June 21

Don’t miss this beautiful photographic exhibition on view from 21 June until 1 September. John, who works with black and white film, seeks out the subtle tonal nuances of his natural environments.

Further news about the exhibition opening, free photographic information and events are outlined on the poster. Congratulations John.

John Lascelles Exhibition Invitation_e.flyer

Antarctica – historical and contemporary glimpses

large posters perhaps476 adj 70x120cm large print flattened with borderAn exhibition of photographs, memorabilia, writings and posters is currently showing in the NSW town of Coolah until 6 June. It will then be on display later in the year at Artroomers Artspace in Mittagong. Register your interest in the comments box below, if you would like to keep updated about this.

exhibition view #1 exhibition view #2large posters perhaps479 adj RHS large posters perhaps479 adj LHS

Hopefully the exhibition will travel further around NSW so that as many people as possible can witness the beautiful Antarctic as experienced through the eyes of photographer Val Jessop and through the words of writer Gina Chaseling. These two women have put together this show as a result of their passion for all things to do with Antarctica, both having made trips to the various regions of the Antarctic since 1997.

Post cards are $2 each or $10 for a pack of 8 (+ plus postage). Minimum order of $20.

8 POSTCARDS low res

The following posters, printed on 180gsm Matte Presentation paper, measure 44.6 x 32.4cm and each cost $40 plus postage. Printed on A3 270gsm Satin Photo paper, they cost $50 plus postage.

Photographs, framed or unframed, are also for sale. The following photographs are available and, printed on A4 Canson 270gsm Satin Photo paper, are $90 framed plus postage. (mounted with backing board only, $35 + postage, and print only $15 + postage).


All images are for sale. The 2 large”Antarctica” posters are available printed on 300gsm Fine Art paper or on Canvas and stretched and in different sizes. The horizontal one measures up to 81 x 120cm (stretched canvas $360 + postage ) and the vertical one measures up to 150 x 90cm. (stretched canvas $380 + postage)

For quote on different sizes or quantities, contact Artroomers: artroomers@hinet.net.au or leave a message below.

John Lascelles’ “Local Observations”: an exhibition of photography

John Lascelles has a new exhibition at the Foyer Gallery in Moss Vale. The exhibition runs from Monday June 4 to June 28, 2012.

John’s photographs were taken on the Gib and along the Tourist Road. All were made using traditional methods in a darkroom. All were framed by Artroomers, Mittagong.

Click for details: John Lascelles Foyer Gallery Exhibition