Medium of the Month: CHARCOAL

This is the third of the Artroomers Artspace media-themed exhibitions where one art medium each month will be showcased by showing the techniques of different artists.This month it is CHARCOAL. The artists are all local and include Phil Alldis, Anne Judell, Robyn Kinsela and Eliza Overduin. Each artist uses charcoal in a unique way to achieve a specific effect.

Alldis, Judell and Kinsela have all been finalists in the Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing and, most importantly, Judell was the 2011 Winner of the Dobell Drawing Prize. Judell is a regular finalist in both the Dobell and  Kedumba Drawing Prizes. Alldis, who teaches art at Frensham, finds his subject from fragments of old photographs. He applies charcoal to a stretched canvas, sealing it with beeswax to achieve a patina that is reminiscent of well worn and much loved surfaces. Judell applies her charcoal  pushing and rubbing it to achieve a textured, evocative and sensual surface that looks as if it will consume you if you get too close.  Kinsela applies layers of charcoal, energetically rubbing and scraping before reapplying more layers while Overduin carefully and thoughtfully draws stylistic, clean forms taken from nature and from the human body.


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