Gift ideas for the artist you know and love

It is always a great thing to receive a gift voucher because you can choose exactly what you want or need, when you want it or need it.

Artroomers has gift vouchers for framing and art materials, all year round, for any amount, small or large.

A4 gift voucher

Last minute framing up until Christmas Eve is available at Artroomers with access to a huge range of mouldings and mount boards that are in stock.

Last minute scanning and printing of your treasured photograph or document is also available.

New to Artroomers is a small range of art books ranging from art theory, history, design and art techniques. Some of these books are new and will be arriving Thursday December 19. The second-hand ones are in excellent condition and have been used as references in the teaching of art history, theory and practice.

In stock and more arriving Thursday December 19:

Boxed sets of paints or inks are a very welcome gift.

WN box sets

Travel packs of watercolours and oil paints are useful and appreciated gifts.

WN field sets

Little known but largely used is our lay-by facility. Artworks can be paid off over time at your convenience.

"Margaret meets Agnes at Ernabella" 2012 oil on canvases can be viewed at Mark Chance's Primary Espresso Bowral

“Margaret meets Agnes at Ernabella” 2012            oil on canvases 91 x 137cm                                        On view at Mark Chance’s café, Primary Espresso Bowral                                                   $2600 framed

December Christmas poster

Deposits or full payments for courses is another exciting gift to give (or receive!).

Sturt Summer School has a limited number of places left. This is always an exciting event and participants are fully absorbed in their chosen subject for 5 days straight. Special bonus is the various free artists’ talks and slide shows throughout the week. Totally consuming! Starts January 6.

If winter is more appealing, Sturt has now established a Winter School program, and will soon present a short course program for 2014.

Local artist Sara Farmer has a comprehensive course brochure for her private courses. Click on the links below for full information on a range of courses.

Brochure Term 1 2014 Draft Studio Postcard 2014

Draft Studio Postcard 2014

The Bowral District Art Society, also has a vast range of workshops and term courses for all levels of artists and budding artists.


December December December until Christmas

Artroomers has built up a reputation over 25 years for quick delivery of high quality custom framing. So you can still get your work framed for Christmas!

Artroomers will close for a week from midday 24 December and reopen on January 2. As we are the major art supply support system for the Sturt Summer School, we will resume normal hours from Thursday 2 January.

Meanwhile, during December at artroomers artspace, you can view works that have been created by Robyn Kinsela, as parts of a series. Working in a series frees up the artist giving head space and time to concentrate on, and develop, a train of thought (and in Robyn’s case, many trains of thought) which eventually leads to a new body of work. Anyway, come and have a look for yourself. exhibition view #1 exhibition view #2 exhibition view #3Further, Robyn’s work can be seen as an exhibition based on her West of Wilcannia paintings and works on paper, at The Red Tree Café, Station Street Bowral. This work will be on view until the end of January.

But, there’s more…. Mark Chance, owner/chef extraordinaire at the Primary Espresso Bowral, 2/23 Boolwey Street Bowral, permanently has Robyn’s work on the walls. This is different work, but work that relates to each other within the space, and Robyn takes liberty to show some more edgy paintings and works on paper for the amusement and/or enjoyment of customers.

Back to artroomers artspace!

Until Christmas Eve and while stocks last, there is:

25% off Derwent Artbars, Sennelier gouache, Matisse Mixed mediums, Art Spectrum Inks, Fredrix stretched canvases that are stapled at the side, and more…….

20% off easels

25% off all unframed but matted prints and drawings

Local Art News for November

It’s that time again – The Southern Highlands Arts Festival will take place over the month of November.

Hardcopy brochures can be picked up at Artroomers among other places, and you can also view information at

As part of the Arts Festival, Artroomers Artspace will be showing life drawings with their progression, by interpretation, into finished artworks. These works, by Robyn Kinsela, will include male and female figure studies, sketches and explorations using various techniques and materials demonstrating the development of finished drawings and paintings.

This exhibition starts Friday 1 November and continues until Saturday 30 November.     A full catalogue of all the exhibited works will be posted next week.

half page advert for Artroomers

The following drawing can be seen at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery where it will be exhibited as one of the finalists in the Open Art Prize, judged and opened by highly regarded artist G.W.Bot. The winner will be announced on Friday 1 November at 6pm and the exhibition continues to 16 November. For more news about Goulburn Regional Art Gallery:

"Momentary Stillness" by Robyn Kinsela. Pastel, charcoal and collage on Arches paper, 100x150cm

“Momentary Stillness” by Robyn Kinsela.       Pastel, charcoal and collage on Arches paper, 100x150cm

An exhibition at the BDAS Gallery, not to be missed, is on view for only 2 days next weekend from 10am – 5pm. These are works by Tracey Miller‘s painting and pastel students:

Invitation - Final 26.09.13

And, since it is still on until Tuesday 29 October, make sure you get along to the fabulous show by Sandy Gill and Sue Meredith at the BDAS Gallery.

25% off Matisse Dry Mediums, Fredrix stretched canvases, Derwent Artbars and Art Spectrum artists’ concentrated colour inks.

Dry Mediums can be anything that add texture to your oil or acrylic paints. Matisse have a range of such mediums and, during October, Artroomers are selling them for 25% off their retail price. Normally $4.20 (most) and $7 (eg glass beads and ferrous powder), they are now $3.15 and $5.25.

Simply add them to your paint or apply them to your painting ground using paint, impasto gel or binder as your adhesive and then either paint over them, or leave them as an integral part of the painting surface. Hint: don’t use you best brushes – use old brushes or painting or palette knives to apply most mixed mediums. Check out Elwyn Lynn or Antonio Tapies or Miguel Barceló or Kate Briscoe for inspiration!

mediumsmediums samplesFredrix canvases that are for sale with 25% discount, are side stapled onto 19mm deep stretchers, and are very high quality canvases with straight stretcher bars (unlike many low grade ready-made canvases).

stapled edge

The staples on the sides require the canvas to be framed for best presentation and with so many excellent frames around now that don’t have a rebate (the part that covers the front edge of your work) your work actually looks even more brilliant.

framed framed 2

Derwent Artbars, discounted by 25% to cost $2.10 each, are a water-soluble waxy pastel that come in a wide range of colours. They can be bought separately or in boxes of 12 to 72. These triangular bars are of solid highly pigmented colour and can be used either dry or wet.

artbars25% also comes off the price of 50ml bottles of liquid Art Spectrum Concentrated Artists’ Inks. Water-based, they are waterproof when dry and are suitable for brush, pen and airbrush. Colours: $9.80 now $7.35 per bottle.

AS inkAS

October’s exhibition celebrates the 25th Anniversary for Artroomers


This gallery contains 82 photos.

artroomers was established in Mittagong in 1988 by Stuart and Robyn Kinsela after they secured several large art commissions that were going to need specific framing and ongoing access to art materials. Since 2001, Stuart has made picture framing his fulltime occupation and … Continue reading

Upcoming and outgoing exhibitions

There is just ONE week left for you to view the amazing Antarctica Exhibition at Artroomers Artspace. Last day is Saturday August 31. You can view all the photographs, which by the way, were printed by Artroomers, by clicking on “previous”  on the top right.

Antarctica stretched canvas measures 1.5m high by 90cm wide $410

Antarctica stretched canvas measures 1.5m high by 90cm wide                                  $410

Antarctica stretched canvas measures 81cm high by 120cm wide $340

Antarctica stretched canvas                          measures 81cm high by 120cm wide             $340

Tony Ameneiro has an exhibition opening next weekend at the Annabel Wallace Gallery in Murringo, NSW. Tony has just had his work on show at the prestigious Maitland Regional Gallery.

ameneiro_annabel wallace invite_2013

Robyn Kinsela is showing with Canberra artists Claire Primrose, Kerrie McInnes and Verney Burness at the fairly new, edgy contemporary FORM Gallery in Queanbeyan.

invitation back horizontal invitation front horizontal 2

Sixteen artists who use pastel or oil stick

Kim Shannon Robyn Kinsela Ian Jones   Judy Mylonas Gill Graham Lucinda McDonald Susan Meredith Julie Pennington     Kim Shannon

A new exhibition is open at Artroomers Artspace from June 4 to 29 which shows how different artists use the mediums of oil stick and oil and chalk (soft) pastel. There are works on paper, on board and on canvas, most of which are framed and for sale. The works that are not framed have “UF” after their price.

The artists, who range from award winning professionals to hobbyists and students, each approach his or her subject in a unique way, adopting a variety of techniques and applications.

Email for more information about any of the artworks or the artists. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 9-5 & Sat 9.30-12.30.

Jenny Maree "Rock Patterns II" 70x55cm pastel on paper

Jenny Maree “Rock Patterns II” Pastel on paper 22x30cm                                                            $425

Jenny Maree "Rock Patterns" Pastel on paper 55x70cm

Jenny Maree “Rock Patterns II” Pastel on paper 55x70cm                                                            $785

Kim Shannon "After El Greco" oil stick on paper

Kim Shannon “After El Greco”         oil stick on paper approx. 60x50cm $250UF

Kim Shannon "Reclining Nude" Oil stick on paper

Kim Shannon “Reclining Nude” Oil stick on paper 60x80cm                                                         $250UF

Kim Shannon "Young Man" Oil stick on paper

Kim Shannon “Young Man”                 Oil stick on paper                            approx. 50x40cm   $250 UF

Ian Jones "Constellation" Pastel 95x121cm $

Ian Jones “Constellation” Pastel 121x95cm $1000

Ian Jones "Gumbo City" Pastel 121x95cm

Ian Jones “Gumbo City” Pastel 95x121cm       $1000

Ann Rogan "Silver Birch" Oil and oil stick on canvas 60x60cm framed    $750

Ann Rogan “Silver Birch” Oil and oil stick on canvas 60x60cm                                        $750

Ann Rogan "Winter"  Oil and oil stick on canvas 43x59cm framed   $750

Ann Rogan “Winter” Oil and oil stick on canvas 43x59cm                                                            $750

Barbara David "St Peters" Pastel on paper $350

Barbara David “St Peters” Pastel on paper 40x16cm    $350

Lucinda McDonald "Beach2" Oil pastel on paper

Lucinda McDonald “Beach 2” Oil pastel on paper 29x41cm                                                          $490

Lucinda McDonald "Red Jar 1" Oil pastel on paper

Lucinda McDonald “Red Jar 1” Oil pastel on paper 20x29cm      $490

Lucinda McDonald "Four Square" Oil pastel on paper

Lucinda McDonald “Four Square” Oil pastel on paper 23x19cm             $390

Lucinda McDonald "Red Jar 2" Oil pastel on paper

Lucinda McDonald “Red Jar 2” Oil pastel on paper 20x29cm $490

Margo Carlon "Blue Water" pastel on paper 55x45cm $595

Margo Carlon “Blue Water” pastel on paper 55x45cm                  $595

Judy Mylonas "Fissure" Acrylic and pastel 33x50 framed $750

Judy Mylonas “Fissure” Acrylic and pastel 33×50 framed                                                                  $750

Judy Mylonas "Tracking #1" Pastel and mixed media on paper $450

Judy Mylonas “Tracking #1” Pastel and mixed media on paper  33x50cm                             $420

Julie Pennington "Untitled II" 8x8cm oil stick

Julie Pennington “Untitled II” 8x8cm oil stick on paper                                                                      $280

Julie Pennington "Untitled" oil stick on paper 8x8cm $

Julie Pennington “Untitled” oil stick on paper 8x8cm                                                             $280

Carol Thomson  "Elephant II" $900

Carol Thomson “Elephant II” Pastel on paper $900

Carol Thomson "Morning Read" $1200

Carol Thomson “Morning Read” Pastel on paper $1200

Carol Thomson "Stacked" $900

Carol Thomson “Stacked” Pastel on paper $900

Carol Thomson "The Navigator" $1200

Carol Thomson “The Navigator” Pastel on paper $1200

Janet Campbell-Clemens "Landscape II" Oil stick on canvas $80

Janet Campbell-Clemens “Landscape II”              Oil stick on canvas 20.5×25.5cm   $50 UF

Janet Clemens "Landscape I" oil stick on canvas $80

Janet Campbell-Clemens                           “Landscape I”  oil stick on canvas                20.5×25.5 cm                       $50 UF

Sue Meredith "Cottage at Dumbarton St, McMahon's Point" Pastl on paper 94x73cm NFS

Sue Meredith “Cottage at Dumbarton St, McMahon’s Point” Pastel on paper 94x73cm      NFS

Gill Graham "

Gill Graham “Strawberries”     Pastel on Canson paper 37x27cm $195

Ian Hunter "Gib Walk" 2003 oil stick on board 12x30cm $150

Ian Hunter “Gib Walk” 2003 oil stick on board 12x30cm     $150

Ian Hunter "Gib Walk" 2003 oil stick on hardboard 13x34cm $150

Ian Hunter “Gib Walk” 2003                                    oil stick on hardboard 13x34cm                     $150

Tanya Challenor "Cement Works" 2007 soft patel on paper 36x54cm $290

Tanya Challenor “Cement Works” 2007               soft pastel on paper 36x54cm         $290


Robyn Kinsela "Road Trip West I" 56x76cm pastel on Whatman's paper $

Robyn Kinsela “Road Trip West I” 56x76cm   pastel on Whatman’s paper $1600 contact Gallery V for purchase

Robyn Kinsela "Road Trip West II " pastel on Whatmans paper 56x76cm $

Robyn Kinsela “Road Trip West II ” pastel on Whatmans paper 56x76cm                     $1600

Kim Shannon "Youth" Pastel on paper

Kim Shannon “Youth” Pastel on paper approx. 35x25cm                    $175 UF

Kim Shannon "Standing Figure" Oil stick on paper

Kim Shannon “Standing Figure” Oil stick on paper           $250 UF

Robyn Kinsela "Silence I" Oil stick and gouache on paper 12.5x10cm $140

Robyn Kinsela “Silence I” Oil stick and gouache on paper 12.5x10cm         $140

Robyn Kinsela "Silence V" Oil stick and gouache on paper 12.5x10cm $140

Robyn Kinsela “Silence V” Oil stick and gouache on paper 12.5x10cm         $140

Robyn Kinsela "Silence VII" Oil stick and gouache on paper 12.5x10cm $140

Robyn Kinsela “Silence VII” Oil stick and gouache on paper 12.5x10cm $140

Robyn Kinsela "Silence VIII" Oil stick and gouache on paper 10x12.5cm $140

Robyn Kinsela “Silence VIII” Oil stick and gouache on paper 10×12.5cm                                             $140

Robyn Kinsela "Silence X" Oil stick and gouache on paper 12.5x10cm $140

Robyn Kinsela “Silence X” Oil stick and gouache on paper 12.5x10cm         $140